Fall In Love With Your Millionaire Self Now!

It all started when I saw her.

She was the most confident, captivating woman I had ever seen. Her soft, wavy hair fell to her shoulders and her entire demeanor screamed success and class: down to the tailored black suit with heels to match.

I knew right away that there was something special about her—something far beyond the first visual impact. I could tell by the way she carried herself that money, power and accomplishment were no object for this incredible woman. 

As I approached her she turned her head to me and nodded. I reached out to shake her hand and felt a tingling sensation in my spine. Then it hit me: Could this amazing woman be the spitting image of my future self? The answer was a resounding yes! 

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Wake Up as if My Money Prayers are Already Answered

I will never forget the time my employer threatened a layoff, and the sinking feeling of impending doom when the announcement was finally made. I had been struggling for months working three jobs to make ends meet, raising my two sons as a single parent after my divorce.   Now I would lose one more substantial source of income. 

I asked the universe to help me make it to the end of the month, my prayers mingled with tears of sadness and despair.  I needed money and time to find another job.  I desperately wanted some sort of financial security—to be able to live more comfortably and buy what I wanted for my children, without worrying about going into debt or running out of money.

Then one day, as if my prayers had been answered, I woke up with a different feeling —like things were already working in my favor. I could feel it in the air —my situation was about to change for the better. 

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Growing Epidemic of People Who Want Health and Wealth in the World

If you had to choose only one: health without wealth or wealth without health, which would you choose?  It would probably be a tough decision. 

2022 marked the beginning of a new era; an era where people realize that financial security and health are paramount to a fulfilled, secure life.  They are doing everything possible to achieve both. 

The global pandemic challenged our status quo:  get educated, find a job. Work hard for the company. Earn your raise. Save for retirement. Before 2020 people logged in over 70-80 hours a week running a business or working for their employer. Suddenly, a huge disruption came out of nowhere: businesses were shut down, jobs disappeared, travel was halted and lives were turned upside down. It is no surprise that as a society our priorities have shifted. A new epidemic has emerged, permeating our social media, news channels, and daily conversations. Individuals and families are not only seeking, but demanding a double dose of security in two major areas of life: health and personal finance. 

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