Unleashing Your Inner Mogul: A Guide to Building a World-Class Enterprise as a Woman

What is a mogul?  A mogul is defined as a person who possesses a great deal of power, influence, or wealth. In business, a mogul is often associated with a person who dominates an enterprise or industry. Moguls tend to be founders or CEOs of important corporations.

I regard myself as a mogul, or in my own definition, the female version, a “mogurl”.

I have always had big dreams, and I was not afraid to take risks to make them come true. So when I decided to start my own business, it felt like a natural next step in my journey. As I shared my dream, people would tell me reasons why it couldn’t be done and how hard it would be as a woman entrepreneur. Their warnings only made me more determined; if anything; their doubts fueled my fire to persevere. 

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Unlock Your Dreams with a Vision Board!

I remember the days when I daydreamed about my ambitions and goals in life. It has been years since I made images, situations, and plans in my mind of what I wanted for my future. However, it seems that I tend to forget about them by the middle of the year, and all my goals are swept aside. Thinking about how I could effectively motivate myself by visualizing my goals and plans, I was encouraged to create a vision board.

At first, I felt hesitant because there were certain goals that seemed impossible for me to achieve. However, after seeing other vision boards, I knew that if others could do it, so could I. So, armed with scissors, magazines, and glue sticks, off I went on my mission to create something special! I delved deep into my heart and mind as I slowly built up the pieces of my puzzle. From magazine cutouts to heartfelt written words, every little detail added another layer to the storyboard until, finally, it came together before me like a beautiful masterpiece!

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