Ever since I was a young girl I had always dreamed of becoming a millionaire, becoming truly wealthy someday. 

I would own a huge mansion, with sprawling landscaped gardens, not one but several fancy cars lined up on a long, winding driveway. The home’s spacious interior would have tall ceilings, large glass windows, elegant furnishings, and modern paintings. 

This idea must have come from a movie because I never stepped foot into such a mansion in real life.  Instead I grew up in a modest 3-bedroom home nestled in the neighborhood of Turnpike Gardens in Pennsylvania.

My family was not rich but neither were we poor. My father was an engineer at a steel company in Pittsburgh, and my mother was a dedicated homemaker. Both parents budgeted carefully and found ways to make ends meet. They made sure we had clean clothes, healthy meals, learning opportunities and plenty of friends to play with. 

Looking back, this was an idyllic time of my life. As young kids, we had no worries, no pressure. We never had to wonder where the next meal was coming from, or whether my parents would be there in the morning.

Eventually, we went to high school and the blissful, carefree days of childhood ended. The pressure was on: they wanted us to get into the very best universities and to obtain the highest level of education. Dedicating my time and effort to fulfill my parents’ wishes, I graduated with a PhD from an Ivy -League University in New York City.

After graduate school I married, had 2 kids and for the next 15 years put my career aside and fell into the role of taking care of the family and supporting my husband’s business ventures.  Sadly, none of our businesses took off. During the same time, my brother and a few of my friends achieved millionaire status.

I did everything I was supposed to do, but wealth was always out of my reach. In a moment of frustration, I created the “Millionaire Mindset for Women”. 

I believe that it is every woman’s birthright to be and have whatever she wants in life. No matter where she is born, what type of background, family situation, it is her right to live out her dreams. 

I believe a woman is truly empowered when she has a healthy relationship with money and has a comfortable bank account to support her.  With “more than enough” to spend, a woman has the power to choose the life path she wants and deserves.

If a woman really wants to make her dreams a reality, it is 100% within her abilities, no matter what her starting point.  

She can and will fulfill her dreams, and she has what she needs to get started today.