Investing in Yourself: Why Self-Care and Personal Growth are Key to Building Wealth

Why Self-Care and Personal Growth are Key to Building Wealth

I used to think that  investing in myself was an unnecessary luxury.  I thought it was selfish to take a vacation and that if I wanted to be successful, all of my efforts should go into working to make more money. Girl, was I so wrong!

It turns out that self-care and financial success go hand in hand. Rest and time out are key ingredients for building wealth. Life is not just about focusing on money to get rich; taking time to nurture yourself can open up many other doors too. It can lead to better relationships with family and friends, improved energy and confidence levels, renewed focus and motivation — the list goes on!

At first, I didn’t believe it was meant for me, but then one day as I sat there exhausted, with brain fog, something changed my mind completely. A friend asked me what kind of life I wanted to live—where did I want to be in five years? What dreams did I have? What accomplishments did I want to see, looking back at my life ?

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Breaking Down Barriers: Using Technology to Empower Women and Achieve Your Dreams

For centuries, women have been facing numerous challenges in different aspects of their lives, including education, employment, and social status. The gender gap has been a prevalent issue in societies worldwide, causing many talented and qualified women to remain underrepresented and undervalued. Whether it’s the glass ceiling at work, the lack of affordable child care, or simply not having enough time in the day, women have to work twice as hard as men just to get half as far. But there’s one tool that can help level the playing field: technology.

Every day, we use technology to make our lives easier. We use it to stay connected with our loved ones, get work done, and keep entertained. But did you know that you can also use technology to empower yourself and achieve your dreams?

From building a successful business to staying connected with loved ones, technology has the power to empower women and help them achieve their dreams. Here are just a few ways you can use technology to break down barriers and achieve success.

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Unleashing Your Inner Mogul: A Guide to Building a World-Class Enterprise as a Woman

What is a mogul?  A mogul is defined as a person who possesses a great deal of power, influence, or wealth. In business, a mogul is often associated with a person who dominates an enterprise or industry. Moguls tend to be founders or CEOs of important corporations.

I regard myself as a mogul, or in my own definition, the female version, a “mogurl”.

I have always had big dreams, and I was not afraid to take risks to make them come true. So when I decided to start my own business, it felt like a natural next step in my journey. As I shared my dream, people would tell me reasons why it couldn’t be done and how hard it would be as a woman entrepreneur. Their warnings only made me more determined; if anything; their doubts fueled my fire to persevere. 

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Unlock Your Dreams with a Vision Board!

I remember the days when I daydreamed about my ambitions and goals in life. It has been years since I made images, situations, and plans in my mind of what I wanted for my future. However, it seems that I tend to forget about them by the middle of the year, and all my goals are swept aside. Thinking about how I could effectively motivate myself by visualizing my goals and plans, I was encouraged to create a vision board.

At first, I felt hesitant because there were certain goals that seemed impossible for me to achieve. However, after seeing other vision boards, I knew that if others could do it, so could I. So, armed with scissors, magazines, and glue sticks, off I went on my mission to create something special! I delved deep into my heart and mind as I slowly built up the pieces of my puzzle. From magazine cutouts to heartfelt written words, every little detail added another layer to the storyboard until, finally, it came together before me like a beautiful masterpiece!

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Fall In Love With Your Millionaire Self Now!

It all started when I saw her.

She was the most confident, captivating woman I had ever seen. Her soft, wavy hair fell to her shoulders and her entire demeanor screamed success and class: down to the tailored black suit with heels to match.

I knew right away that there was something special about her—something far beyond the first visual impact. I could tell by the way she carried herself that money, power and accomplishment were no object for this incredible woman. 

As I approached her she turned her head to me and nodded. I reached out to shake her hand and felt a tingling sensation in my spine. Then it hit me: Could this amazing woman be the spitting image of my future self? The answer was a resounding yes! 

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Wake Up as if My Money Prayers are Already Answered

I will never forget the time my employer threatened a layoff, and the sinking feeling of impending doom when the announcement was finally made. I had been struggling for months working three jobs to make ends meet, raising my two sons as a single parent after my divorce.   Now I would lose one more substantial source of income. 

I asked the universe to help me make it to the end of the month, my prayers mingled with tears of sadness and despair.  I needed money and time to find another job.  I desperately wanted some sort of financial security—to be able to live more comfortably and buy what I wanted for my children, without worrying about going into debt or running out of money.

Then one day, as if my prayers had been answered, I woke up with a different feeling —like things were already working in my favor. I could feel it in the air —my situation was about to change for the better. 

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Growing Epidemic of People Who Want Health and Wealth in the World

If you had to choose only one: health without wealth or wealth without health, which would you choose?  It would probably be a tough decision. 

2022 marked the beginning of a new era; an era where people realize that financial security and health are paramount to a fulfilled, secure life.  They are doing everything possible to achieve both. 

The global pandemic challenged our status quo:  get educated, find a job. Work hard for the company. Earn your raise. Save for retirement. Before 2020 people logged in over 70-80 hours a week running a business or working for their employer. Suddenly, a huge disruption came out of nowhere: businesses were shut down, jobs disappeared, travel was halted and lives were turned upside down. It is no surprise that as a society our priorities have shifted. A new epidemic has emerged, permeating our social media, news channels, and daily conversations. Individuals and families are not only seeking, but demanding a double dose of security in two major areas of life: health and personal finance. 

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Born to be Female and Rich

Does anyone still believe that women can’t achieve as high a level of financial success as men? Well, today more women are pursuing their millionaire dreams, taking control of their destiny and creating their own paths to wealth. Whether you are looking to start a business, advance your career or improve on your investments, in this day and age it is possible more than ever for women to be rich and female.

Women have always been strong contributors to the workforce; however, we are seeing more executive career opportunities opening up for women, especially in industries such as finance and technology. This shift has resulted in women advancing up the corporate ladder into leadership roles in traditionally male-dominated fields. According to a recent report by Women Who Code, women now hold 30 percent of all tech jobs—a number that is steadily rising!

Women have access to financial literacy at their fingertips, with the advent of new technologies in mobile banking and investing. Mobile apps like Acorns are ideal for those who want to start investing without a lot of cash upfront. Other apps like Mint allow you to track your expenses, so you know exactly how your money is spent each month. These digital tools make it simpler to budget, invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and other assets.

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Is Fear Stopping You from Your Millionaire Destiny?

You’ve been trying for some time now and although you have a college education and a decent job, you just can’t seem to make any significant progress towards your financial goals. 

You hear over and over,  advice from the experts- Put away 10% of your income every month into a savings account. Live within your means, find ways to save money and make your dollars stretch. Sacrifice temporary pleasures for the long term goals.  Invest money in your IRA, your 401K, mutual funds. 

For some reason your money disappears before the end of the month. You find yourself longing for the next paycheck. 

Sound familiar ?  I know that feeling because that’s how I used to be. 

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Stop Worrying About Money and Get On a Trajectory to a Millionaire Life

Do you never seem to have enough money for things you need no matter how much you scrimp and save? 

Are you constantly having to say no to vacations, or eating out, because you can’t afford it?

I certainly know what it’s like.  Fifteen years ago I was a single parent raising two sons and working three jobs. After paying the rent, utilities and gas there wasn’t much left. Although I was grateful for what I had, at times it was pretty rough.  

For many people, worrying about how to make ends meet is a part of everyday life. Whether it’s wondering how you’re going to pay for child care, college, unexpected medical bills or retirement, it’s a constant source of stress. You want to get ahead of the game but you’re at a loss how to turn your financial situation around.  

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