Growing Epidemic of People Who Want Health and Wealth in the World

If you had to choose only one: health without wealth or wealth without health, which would you choose?  It would probably be a tough decision. 

2022 marked the beginning of a new era; an era where people realize that financial security and health are paramount to a fulfilled, secure life.  They are doing everything possible to achieve both. 

The global pandemic challenged our status quo:  get educated, find a job. Work hard for the company. Earn your raise. Save for retirement. Before 2020 people logged in over 70-80 hours a week running a business or working for their employer. Suddenly, a huge disruption came out of nowhere: businesses were shut down, jobs disappeared, travel was halted and lives were turned upside down. It is no surprise that as a society our priorities have shifted. A new epidemic has emerged, permeating our social media, news channels, and daily conversations. Individuals and families are not only seeking, but demanding a double dose of security in two major areas of life: health and personal finance. 

For those still climbing out of the rubble, full financial recovery may appear to be a long way off. But for those who have bounced back, there is a glimmer of hope for a brighter future. People don’t necessarily want to return to the old ways of life-they want a new beginning that is better than before.  They won’t settle for anything less.  

With corporations allowing remote work and working from home, employees are now experiencing the rewards of work- life balance. Genentech, a South San Francisco–based biotech giant fosters this culture. At a time when employee wellness is more critical than ever, Genentech offers a six-week sabbatical for people who’ve worked for the company for six years. Staff have access to on-site mental health clinics and can take advantage of world class fitness centers. To minimize the stress of long commutes, the biotech giant provides a transportation program complete with offsite parking, commuter buses, ferries, and vanpools. Towards their commitment to ensuring that health and productivity go hand in hand, Genentech has set the bar high as an employer of choice. 

A corporate example like Genentech allows individuals to experience job satisfaction like never before. This is the era of work life balance, career longevity and health equity, for everyone in large and small businesses alike.

No one relishes having health without financial security, or having wealth without the ability to enjoy it. Neither option is very appealing on its own. Striving for a health -wealth balance allows you to live your most fulfilled life. Being in good physical condition gives you energy for work and for leisure; travel or spending time with family. The luxury of a remote office allows you to live comfortably in a geographical location of your choice, in the mountains or near the ocean, whatever you desire. If you like taking vacations to exotic places around the world, with a solid financial footing, the possibilities are unlimited. Optimal health allows your body to follow you everywhere. It’s a no brainer: both health and wealth are essential for experiencing a fulfilled, wholesome life. 

Whether you are a company executive, business owner, or individual contributor, the key to achieving both health and wealth is to assess your current situation and make small adjustments every day towards your goals. Consider starting a side-hustle and cultivating multiple streams of income if one income is not sufficient for financial security. Set realistic milestones and create a plan for how you will reach them– this should include specific steps such as tracking your spending and investments or following a sustainable diet and exercise routine. Always remember to stay motivated by celebrating your wins along the way!  

Research ways to optimize your health. There’s a plethora of information available, so be sure to discern misinformation. Drink enough water, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly and get enough rest; these prudent measures will proactively stave off unnecessary health issues and allow you to enjoy health and longevity into your golden years. 

Everyone seems to agree that health and financial security are a priority for the upcoming decades. There is no doubt that this new epidemic will revolutionize the way we live and work, giving us access to new resources, equipment, technology and products, enabling individuals to reach optimal heights in both health and wealth. 

As global citizens, women and men around the world, we can and deserve to have it all. 

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