Unlock Your Dreams with a Vision Board!

I remember the days when I daydreamed about my ambitions and goals in life. It has been years since I made images, situations, and plans in my mind of what I wanted for my future. However, it seems that I tend to forget about them by the middle of the year, and all my goals are swept aside. Thinking about how I could effectively motivate myself by visualizing my goals and plans, I was encouraged to create a vision board.

At first, I felt hesitant because there were certain goals that seemed impossible for me to achieve. However, after seeing other vision boards, I knew that if others could do it, so could I. So, armed with scissors, magazines, and glue sticks, off I went on my mission to create something special! I delved deep into my heart and mind as I slowly built up the pieces of my puzzle. From magazine cutouts to heartfelt written words, every little detail added another layer to the storyboard until, finally, it came together before me like a beautiful masterpiece!

The dreamscape encapsulated everything from financial freedom to health and wellness goals, with each picture representing a unique desire or ambition within my life. Seeing them all together gave me an overwhelming feeling of hope and determination; suddenly anything seemed possible if I work hard enough for it!

For months afterwards, whenever motivation started waning, glancing over at my vision board would give me renewed strength in order to keep going forward no matter what happened along the way. And looking back now? Well, let’s just say that many of those dreams have already come true. All thanks to unlocking them through this simple yet powerful tool: MY VISION BOARD

Conceptualizing Your Own Vision Board

When you think of your dreams, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s running your own business, having a healthy lifestyle, or taking that dream vacation. No matter what your goals are, vision boards can help you achieve them. A vision board is a visual representation of your goals and dreams. It’s like a bulletin board filled with images and phrases that represent all the things you want to manifest in your life. It’s an essential tool for any woman looking to become her best self. Let’s take a closer look at how they work.

How Do Vision Boards Work?

Creating a vision board requires reflection on yourself and the life that you want to create. What is important to you? What do you want to achieve? When creating your board, start by writing down the goals that you want to accomplish in the next 3-6 months, then break those larger goals down into smaller ones that require actionable steps. Once you have identified these smaller goals, it’s time to start gathering images and phrases that represent them.

These images should be inspiring and motivating; they should remind you of why this goal is important and draw out an emotional response from you. You can find pictures online or cut out magazine clippings; just make sure the images focus on what it is that you want to achieve rather than what it is that may be stopping or holding you back from achieving it. For example, if one of your goals is to start your own business, find images of successful businesses or entrepreneurs who have inspired you along the way. Or if one of your goals is to become healthier, find photos of people working out or healthy meals being cooked up in the kitchen!

Your vision board should also include positive affirmations about yourself and where you are headed in life; these will act as reminders when things get tough and push you forward towards achieving those big dreams!

Two Types of Vision Boards

Craft-Style Vision Board

Making a vision board with craft supplies can be fun and extremely rewarding. Start by gathering any materials that you want to use, such as magazines, scissors, markers, glue sticks, poster boards, etc. After collecting materials for your board, choose 3–4 things that are important enough for you to manifest in your life. Now start flipping through the magazines and tearing out images or words related to those 3–4 things. As you move through the process, think about why each of these elements matters and how they will benefit your life when manifested. Once all of the pieces are together, lay them out on the poster board however it looks best for you. You can use glue sticks or tape to attach them to the board, then add any additional words with markers if desired. Now display your vision board somewhere visible so that every day when you look at it, it serves as a reminder of what matters most in life!

Digital Vision Board

If you’re not into glue or scissors, creating a digital vision board is a convenient alternative to crafting one, and there are many tools available online that make it easy! First, decide what topics (3–4) matter most in creating your ideal life. From there, search Google or Pinterest for images or quotes related to those topics using keywords like “vision quotes” or “vision images.” Once all of the pieces are gathered, create a free Canva account and pick one of their design templates that resonates with you. Then upload all of the images into Canva, along with any other words if desired. Finally, put this digital version on your phone wallpaper or somewhere visible as a daily reminder of what matters most in life! 

The Free Form vision board mobile app is an excellent tool for achieving your goals. It helps to turn dreams into reality by organizing your thoughts and creating a clear direction on the scope of your objectives. With this app, you can store images and videos, write notes, and build a chart of the steps you need to take in order to achieve each goal. All of this is stored on a beautiful dashboard which you can customize with the colors and themes that reflect your interests. Best of all, it’s free to use so there’s no excuse not to jumpstart your aspirations today!


Once everything is gathered together on your board, put it somewhere where it will remind you every day why this goal matters so much to you! Your vision board should be interactive and you can change it anytime you wish. It’s purpose is to keep reminding you why it’s important to stay focused on reaching your goals!

So don’t wait; start creating yours today! With dedication and hard work (and maybe some glitter! ), anything is possible. Unlock your dreams with a vision board!

Sample vision boards

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