Wake Up as if My Money Prayers are Already Answered

I will never forget the time my employer threatened a layoff, and the sinking feeling of impending doom when the announcement was finally made. I had been struggling for months working three jobs to make ends meet, raising my two sons as a single parent after my divorce.   Now I would lose one more substantial source of income. 

I asked the universe to help me make it to the end of the month, my prayers mingled with tears of sadness and despair.  I needed money and time to find another job.  I desperately wanted some sort of financial security—to be able to live more comfortably and buy what I wanted for my children, without worrying about going into debt or running out of money.

Then one day, as if my prayers had been answered, I woke up with a different feeling —like things were already working in my favor. I could feel it in the air —my situation was about to change for the better. 

Could it be possible that the weeks of hard work and hustle were finally paying off?  The days passed, and the feeling became more and more consistent. Opportunities were showing up right, left, and center; doors that had previously been closed began opening. Companies were responding and offers started coming in. It felt unbelievable!

Eventually I landed a job that paid more than the three jobs combined. I was able to leave that tenuous, uneasy feeling behind for good. It wasn’t luck or chance that got me there, although I was very grateful for my opportunities. 

Something else played a key role in my financial turnaround. What? Well, I had started reading books about personal finance, and money management. I participated in coaching programs and discovered how I had been sabotaging myself through constant negative messages.  In short, I put myself out there and worked hard to transform my situation from the inside out.  

The successful turnaround came through a mindset shift and self-development.  It paid off handsomely.

Today, based on these principles, I am helping other women achieve the financial security and freedom that they desire. I believe firmly in the power of knowledge and awareness. Not only does the empowered, informed mind make better decisions; these decisions have a positive effect on our own finances, and can be a lifeline for those around us.

You’ve all had days when money seemed tight and the future looked bleak. I was once in that same predicament; not knowing how to get through another month.  Providing women with confidence, knowing she has options and she need not worry, showing her how to gain control over her finances, has been a joy and a privilege for me. 

What would it be like if you knew money is always available to you – you simply have to ask and it is yours?  How would it be if your prayers were already answered?

Wouldn’t life be easier if financial worries no longer played a role in your day-to-day business decisions?

While this may seem like an improbable mindset, it is possible to wake up each day as if your money prayers have already been answered. 

Here’s how.

Foster a Wealth Mindset

The first step to creating a feeling of financial security is to cultivate a relaxed, confident wealth mindset. Relaxed?  How can you be relaxed when you’re in a financial crisis? Because you recognize that, although you may have experienced difficult times in the past, and you appear to be going through a crisis now, there are new opportunities for success every day. When you replace fear and doubt with trust and optimism, you will be able to tap into the power of visualization, seeing your goals as if they are already achieved. This allows you to take action with confidence and clarity instead of hesitation and anxiety. Opportunities will appear.  Trust me. 

Have Faith in Yourself

The second key component to living as if your money prayers have already been answered is believing in yourself. When you believe that you can achieve any goal—no matter how lofty or seemingly impossible it may seem, you will become unstoppable! This type of self-belief fosters creativity, which leads to innovative solutions for all sorts of business or personal challenges. You’ll also find that when others see your enthusiasm and dedication, they are inspired to make changes too!

Focus on Solutions

The third essential component is focusing on solutions rather than problems. To truly live as if your money prayers have been answered requires shifting away from pessimistic, negative thinking towards problem-solving mode. Be proactive when facing financial challenges; assess the situation objectively and come up with potential solutions before taking action. When obstacles come up, don’t let them stop you; instead, use them as fuel for growth and innovation!

Creating a process where money worries no longer dominate your thoughts isn’t always easy, but it can be done with discipline and awareness. Start by cultivating the right mindset, believing in yourself, and be creative. By doing this every day, you can wake up knowing the universe is on your side, your money prayers have already been answered, allowing for greater success in both business and life. 

For anyone who is still struggling financially, and hasn’t found their way out, don’t give up just yet. Believe in yourself enough to take action towards your goals every single day, no matter how small they may seem. You will soon wake up and realize that your dreams are within reach after all.

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